Despite the decrease of ignorance, chaos continues to invade human thought. Against it, stands the mechanism of a school system which reproduces order incessantly. Providing answers has always been regarded more important than their actual correctness. The result is that “education” equates to the acquisition of new experiences which permanently alter the behavior and cognitive […]


“In Greece, which suffers from the economic crisis more than other western countries, the problems arising for hundreds of thousands of families and especially for children is enormous. Poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and deprivation of basic necessities has created desperate conditions, resulting in a humanitarian disaster unfolding daily before everyone’s eyes. Democracy values are affected. […]


Pythagoras believed that the universe came from chaos and gained a form through moderation and harmony, so he was the first to call it “Cosmos” (the word which in ancient Greek means ornament and order). Nature is less threatening when it is rational. Natural numbers are the building materials of the world. This has led […]


Water is the beginning of everything, according to the first ancient Greek philosopher Thales. “Today, the nature of the waters is sanctified” as the Orthodox Christian Church emphasizes. Water, as a source and a symbol of life, has been the object of worship since ancient times. Water presence determined whether there would be continuity of […]


This is my attempt to build visual bridges between two parallel worlds of fantasy and reality. The enclosed undersea world is dreamy. Aquatic creatures (mythical creatures) and humans coexist in alien, utopian landscapes. They live beyond the limits of imagination and develop their actions in the dark liquid realm. The light—absolute and whitewashed—delineates boundaries. Heroes […]

terra incognita

Approximately 200 thousand years ago, mankind was an insignificant biological species lost in some corner of Africa. Myth was the first form of worldview. In the primitive universe of our forefathers, anthropomorphic gods determine the natural phenomena but also the fate of the people. Several centuries later, science removed the mythical “cosmogony”. Man adapted the […]